Bringing best in class to indian shores

On the occasion of Uhlmann India’s new Office cum Assembly Shop premises opening in Pune on November 1st 2019, Pharma Machines & Technology caught up with Uhlmann management team for an exclusive interview.

Q Can you brief on Uhlmann India’s initiatives to contribute to the overall growth of the pharmaceutical industry?

How does the strategy for India fit in the overall global strategy of Uhlmann-Group? Sumeet Arora: Indian pharmaceutical industry’s scenario has changed drastically. Exports from India are increasing exponentially with a current contribution of 30% by volume to US generics market alone. We have observed a trend in customers who are looking for high-speed and sophisticated equipment to serve the International Markets. But, their buying decisions hinge on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which stay high due to higher cost of tooling imports over the machine’s long lifecycle. Our current setup will facilitate to lower the tooling costs and thus, offer an attractive TCO.

How does the strategy for India fit in the overall global strategy of Uhlmann-Group?

Michael Mrachacz: Uhlmann is the market leader in high-class pharmaceutical packaging systems. We bring the same Best-in-class quality equipment, service support and digital solutions, to the Indian shores. Our equipment are ideally suited to match the dynamic customer requirements across both geographies and demographics. Further, we have established a strong and dedicated Uhlmann Customer Service platform with 24/7 hotline that leads to faster resolutions, enabling our machines to run at a sustainable higher efficiency than any other supplier.

How prepared is Uhlmann India to take up complete integrated line projects in India?

Klaus Braig: Uhlmann is a member company of Excellence United, an alliance covering the entire value-added chain of Pharmaceutical production. We have close relationships with our partners and have exchanged technical know-how on product handover, forming a hassle free and continuous process. This has also been a unique selling proposition for us, against our competition. This also enables us to have factory-trained service people on-site and project engineers to discuss new integrated projects.

How prepared is Uhlmann India to cater to FMCG / Non-Pharma Industries?

Arora: Uhlmann India also represents KOCH Pac- Systeme in India. KOCH is a member company of people with similar skill sets. It can be said that the pharmaceutical industry will not be a forerunner, but will have IoT’s presence eventually. Uhlmann is prepared and ready for the future, today.

QWhat is the role of Digital Solutions in the Pharma packaging industry? How do you see it apply in the Indian context?

Braig: Our world is becoming more and more digital. That makes communication less ependent on time and place. We see many opportunities in this development. The location is also no longer an issue when it comes to training employees. Your personnel can build up pharmaceutical packaging know-how – anytime and anywhere – using our digital training
platform LEON. This platform complements “classroom” instructions provided and enabling participants to steadily improve their skills anytime, anywhere – without having to release machines from production.

What does your tagline “Beyond Packaging” emphasize?

Mrachacz: Our mission BEYOND PACKAGING stands for our new, far-reaching goals. We access
markets outside the pharmaceutical industry and go beyond mere packaging with our services and digital solutions. We always look outside the box and set impulses for our customers and the industry.

What are the challenges in your sector, globally as well as in India? What is your view on
the market potential in India?

Arora: India continues to have a strong position in the Pharmaceutical Industry. We are poised to hit 50 billion dollars by 2020. We are also exporting 20% of the entire generics produced in the world. Most of our supplies are to the western world and thus the
challenges include high levels of compliance and regulatory requirements. Reliability is another prerequisite. Industry wants more tech-savvy equipment with better reliability. Uhlmann has a wide range of solutions for the same.

What are your future plans for India, in terms of business expansion and market potentials
in short, medium and long term?

Mrachacz: As we grow our business In India, we will add more added-value to the pharmaceutical packaging systems that we supply. Also we plan to capitalise on the software strengths available in India. We would explore developing software systems in India at an optimum cost and pass the benefits to our clients.